– Goalball Rolls Into TU –

Tim Utzig and Muhammad Waheed brought their vision of a new club sport to TU.

The duo started goalball, a sport designed for blind athletes, which both played while attending the Maryland School for the Blind.

“Goalball is like their college football team,” Utzig explains.

“Everyone comes out to see it.” Now, when TU spectators watch the sport, he says “it’s really cool to see their reactions.”

Anyone can play because all participants wear a blindfold. Tactile markings on the court allow players to determine their location as they try to throw a ball embedded with bells into the opponent’s goal.Silence is imperative so opposing players can hear the ball and try to block it.

Begun in 1946 to help visually impaired WWII veterans, goalball has been played in the Paralympic Games since 1976.

Utzig and Waheed got the goalballs rolling at TU by partnering with Campus Recreation; Disability Support Services stepped in to buy the equipment.

Waheed is overwhelmed with the university’s support. What’s more, he’s grateful for the opportunity to play a sport that can, he says, “bridge the gap between the sighted and those with vision impairments and encourage more vision-impaired students to go to college and get involved.”