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Elena Sachs ’18 understands the “sting” of the declining bee population.

The environmental science major, along with other TU students, established a campus garden that will attract pollinators.

Rebuilding bee populations is crucial, she says.

“Seventy percent of the top 100 crops that we eat in the whole world, which makes up about 90 percent of the human population’s food, is pollinated,” Sachs explains. “If we don’t have any pollinators, we’re losing our food supply.“

Bees also pollinate about 75 percent of all wild plants, making them vital to the stability of the ecosystem, she adds.

“If we don’t have any pollinators, we’re losing our food supply.”

During April’s Big Event, volunteers planted nine native species—56 plants total—in the 17 feet by 23 feet plot atop a hill facing Lot 24 near the Administration Building.

Sachs along with members of the Student Environmental Organization will tend the garden.

The environment is a priority for Sachs; after graduation, she’s considering careers in conservation biology, restoration ecology or sustainability management. “My dream job would probably be an explorer for National Geographic,” she says.