Elesha and Matthew Bridgers created a scholarship for graduate students who work with those on the autism spectrum.

Scholarship aids graduate students at Hussman Center for Adults with Autism

A serendipitous encounter turned into philanthropic support for those working with young adults on the autism spectrum.

When Elesha and Matthew Bridgers met Michael Cather ‘93, associate vice president of development, at a dinner in 2014, their conversation led to a campus visit to one of the strong programs aligned with TU’s Institute for Well-Being. Less than two years later the couple established the Bridgers-Moore Endowed Scholarship.

“I shared my thoughts regarding starting a program to help young people, like our son on the autism spectrum, transition to adulthood with key life skills,” Elesha Bridgers says. “As I’ve watched my son grow and interact with the world around him, I’ve come to realize autism is an area of behavioral and medical science that is not well understood by most people. Michael mentioned there was a program at Towson University’s Hussman Center for Adults with Autism, and I should come visit.”

After a tour of the Hussman Center, the Bridgers knew they wanted to help support the social, educational and fitness programs that help adults with autism develop the tools needed to lead meaningful and engaged lives. They created a scholarship to support graduate students pursuing a career working with people on the autism spectrum.

“If we can do just a little to advance the education of those students learning to improve the lives of young adults on the spectrum, it is money well spent,” Bridgers says. “I hope students are reminded that it only takes a little time, a little love and a little help to change someone’s life.”

To support the Bridgers-Moore Endowed Scholarship, visit www.towson.edu/GiveToBridgersMooreScholarship