Scientific Assets

Reception for actuarial science club members and board

The TU Alumni Association, the Actuarial Science and Risk Management Board, and the Actuarial Science and Risk Management Club held a panel discussion March 31. Students, friends and industry leaders heard from Matt Deveney ’01, Katherine Gavin ’98, Virginia Jones ’09, Amy Ovuka and Gary Viener.

This inaugural event was inspired by a fundraiser last year to honor Ohoe Kim, professor of mathematics, for his 30 years of service to TU. To make a gift to the Dr. Ohoe Kim fund, please visit

1. Heesoo Jean, Michelle Lin, Maryam Jazayeri ’14 and Rachel Redmond ’16

2. Ohoe Kim, professor, and David Vanko, dean

3. Ilya Usik ’15, Fulvie Djatchd ’16, Ge Han, Vicky Le ’15