Homecoming 2017

A race, a party and a come-from-behind victory

Close to 150 runners raced through campus during the third annual Tiger Trot 5K, which kicked off the Oct. 28 Homecoming celebrations. Next the Alumni Association gathered at the Tailgating Festival across the street from Unitas Stadium with 50 alumni groups totaling more than 3,000 alumni and guests. These fans got to celebrate a last-minute Tiger touchdown to beat Delaware 18 – 17.

| 1 A Tiger balloon marks the spot against an October sky.

| 2 Runners take their marks at the start of the annual Tiger Trot 5K.

| 3,4 Tiger tailgaters turned out with cheerleading gear and beverages to get ready for the game.

| 5,6 Fans are all smiles as they gather on a perfect fall day for Homecoming.

| 7 Shane Leatherbury carries the ball. The Tigers carried the day beating Delaware in the final seconds.

| 8 Wide receivers Ryan Rutkowski, Nick Gray and Sam Gallahan were ready to take on Delaware.

| 9 The TU Marching Band fires up some tunes.