Captains Crunch

The 1984 football team was all business. Captains Mike McCabe ’85, Allen Argent, Terry Brooks ’91 and Sheldon Nelson (pictured on the right from left to right) would go on to lead the Tigers to their first-ever Division II playoff win that year. McCabe gave us the scouting report on his teammates. “Terry was a coach’s dream kind of guy. Argent was pretty skinny for a linebacker, but the guy had awesome technique. Sheldon had been in the Marines. He was a man. It was a good, hardcore group.”

The same can be said about this year’s team, so much so that four captains weren’t quite enough. Pictured from left to right, Zane Ventimiglia, Diondre Wallace, Matt Kauffman, Zain Harps Upshur and Monty Fenner helped spearhead a 4-1 start that landed TU in the top 25.