– BTU Showcase explores partnerships and progress –

Call it a cornucopia of collaboration.

When TU opened its doors April 24 for the 10th Annual BTU Showcase, dozens of exhibitors were on hand to explain their partnerships.

There was Project Astro, a collaboration among TU, the Maryland Science Center, and the Space Telescope Science Institute to serve Baltimore students and educators.

From MentHER, a networking initiative for college and high school women to bioinformatics analysis for the Food and Drug Administration, to finding novel biocontrol techniques against insect pests such as the stink bug, the BTU showcase exhibited the depth and breadth of the diverse initiatives and cutting-edge research between TU and its partners.

“Towson University is committed to making a difference and transforming lives in Greater Baltimore—but we don’t do this work alone, “ says TU President Kim Schatzel. “We do it through partnerships. We do that through BTU—Partnerships at Work For Greater Baltimore.”

BTU’s five project areas include equitable education, community development, competitive economy, health and well-being,
and arts and culture.

Sessions explored why community matters to TU and how its going commitment to strengthen TU’s connections with community and business partners. The showcase provided networking opportunities and a chance to connect with leaders from TU centers, programs, and departments—all deeply involved with university-community partnerships.

“It is all about building a stronger foundation for Towson University’s future and for making Greater Baltimore a better place to live, work and learn,” Schatzel explains.