– CLA students who study abroad will benefit from the Dr. Armin Mruck Endowed Scholarship –

Command Sgt. Maj. Richard E. Burdette III ’96 and Armin Mruck, professor emeritus

In 1987, Armin Mruck was instrumental in forming the Towson University partnership with the University of Oldenburg in Germany.

Now, 30 years later, Mruck, history professor emeritus and TU’s “grandfather” of study abroad programs, is being honored for his legacy of building cultural bridges with the Dr. Armin Mruck Endowed Scholarship.

Command Sgt. Maj. Richard E. Burdette III ’96 and his wife, Allene, endowed the scholarship to pay tribute to his former professor. While studying in Germany, Burdette bonded with Mruck and still recalls the benefits of spending time in another country. “Exposure to different cultures, different ways of thought, makes us more adaptable, makes us more successful in the long run,” he says.

The scholarship is earmarked for College of Liberal Arts majors who are studying abroad. “You can’t have fun if you’re worried about money,” Burdette says. “I want students to enjoy their study abroad experience, to immerse themselves in it; otherwise, they’re not getting the best out of it.”

What began as a small global partnership with one university in Germany has evolved into a study abroad program with more than 60 countries. “Now, more than 500 TU students participate in an educational experience outside of the United States each year, broadening their worldview and enhancing their global competencies to succeed in the 21st century,” says Liz Shearer, TU director of study abroad.

To support this fund, visit www.towson.edu/GiveToMruckScholarship