– His children toast Rex Rehfeld’s 90th year with an endowment for Osher –

Rex Rehfeld and wife, Ellen O’Brien

It came unwrapped. But Rex Rehfeld’s children—Andrew Rehfeld, Carla Rosenthal, Edward Rehfeld and Lore Rosenthal—delivered the ideal 90th birthday gift to their father.

It was a perfect fit for a World War II and Korean War veteran, a man who has witnessed life’s depravity and resilience, has traveled the world and has taught various subjects at Towson University’s Osher Lifelong Learning Institute since 2008.

Rehfeld’s children knew how much he enjoyed teaching at Osher. His interest in history, politics and economics spurred them to celebrate his 90th birthday by creating the R. Rex Rehfeld Endowment, which provides funding for courses in these subjects.

“Rather than taking substantial dollars and purchasing some nice object or experience for him, it seemed more meaningful to invest in what is meaningful to him—learning, ideas, teaching—and in a way that would give back to his memory for a long time,” Andrew Rehfeld explains.

Edward Rehfeld hopes these courses “spur the kind of discussions that Rex is fond of engaging in with family and friends.”

Their father considered his children’s gift priceless. “It was a total, total unexpected shock,” Rex Rehfeld says.

“I couldn’t have come up with anything better.”

Rehfeld makes his own investment in Osher when he prepares his courses. He enjoys reading and researching his subjects, and delights in the people who take his classes. “Mature and often very knowledgeable about the subject, and with a great deal of interaction, they make teaching great fun,” he says.

In turn, he is highly regarded by his students. Rehfeld’s “research is impeccable, his course material very well organized, and his PowerPoint presentations outshine those of most other teachers,” says Jacqueline Gratz, director of Osher.

What’s more, teaching has become a family affair. His wife, Ellen O’Brien, teaches theology-related courses at Osher.

To support this fund, visit www.towson.edu/GiveToRehfeldEndowment